We are an event design company that specializes in experience marketing and training.


As a part of the Select 1 Group of companies, S1Concepts joins Select 1 Transport to form a powerful and efficient development and production solution from ideation and concept through development, production, transport and turnkey program logistics.


Our history of success with global automotive and commercial truck clients means we have years of marketing, training and production experience with some of the most technological and demanding clients and customers. As creative designers, marketers and curriculum developers, today we are known for innovative solutions regardless of product, message, market, media or educational challenge.

Core Strengths

Four core strengths make us unique and our clients successful:

We Are a Complete Solution

We offer brilliant creative and a level of project management and financial efficiency that is unmatched. We have also been providing flawless transportation and event logistics for more than 20 years. Our clients benefit from a single, efficient channel from concept pitch through production.

CX Above All

We are a Customer Experience company. We create marketing, training and exhibition content that educates, drives memory and delivers experiences that make customers think, learn, decide and act. This focus guides everything we do.

We Are Mobile Event Specialists

It takes a lot more than the simple ability to source or pull a trailer to create, produce and activate powerful, branded mobile environments. As an agency, we began life as mobile environment and event specialists. There’s no one better.

Messaging Expertise

Our diverse creative and product research network combine to deliver a consummate level of expertise regardless of client, brand, product, subject or production challenge.

What We Do

Our designs do more than deliver messages and provide information. We curate understanding that allows your audience to associate brand and message significance for themselves. The result is efficient messaging that builds powerful connections.

Why Choose

Having the right offerings and skillsets is only half the equation. The other half is a combination of experience, proven process, and a creative culture driven by a strict team determination to ALWAYS:


Service is our reason for being. We believe true success is achieved by creating success for others.

Think First,

We believe in substance before style. We build solutions that accomplish project goals before we decorate them.


Our clients demand effective, compelling and artful solutions, so we approach the services we provide as specialties, not commodities.


Resource management is an S1Concepts hallmark; delivering on budget, on time and on target is our mandate.

Trust is EARNED...

We support and inspire our clients to help define and produce what’s next...

1749 Northwood Drive
Troy, MI  48084