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Winning Arguments to Attract New Drivers

As the American workforce continues to experience major shifts and fluxes, there’s an opportunity for those of us in the trucking and logistics industries to attract new drivers and workers looking for a post-pandemic change.

The Dealership Dilemma – A Hybrid Approach for 3 Buyer Personas

When it comes to buying a car, a one-size-fits-all sales approach doesn't cut it anymore - if it ever did.

Select 1 Group Extends Footprint, Adds Capability with Acquisition of KT Auto Transport

We are continuing to make waves in the transport logistics world with the announcement that our parent company, Select 1 Group, has acquired KT Auto Transport...

Dealerships Struggling to Sell EVs Have a Training Issue

EVs are no longer a fringe purchase. With many OEMs moving toward fully electric lineups within the next 20 years, EVs are a retail reality that represent an entirely new set of technologies, features, and benefits relative to the last 100+ years of ICE-based transportation.

The Showroom Still Matters

You cannot argue that the pandemic hasn’t accelerated the rate at which people buy their cars online. But even if the vehicle itself is ultimately purchased online, for most there is still no substitute for experiencing a product in person...

Present At The Creation

At a time when many in the event-based marketing and training world were in a state of forced hibernation, Mobile X Events invested, added capability, and transformed to become a full-service experience agency called S1Concepts.

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